Where service is a family tradition

All forms of insurance accepted!


Get back on the road in record time

You didn't buy your car or truck to have it sit in the shop most of the time. You bought it to drive. At Bernie's Garage & Body Shop Inc. we'll finish your repairs fast. With over 70 years of experience that's the only way we know how to do it.


From major repairs to routine maintenance there's no one better to trust with your vehicle. Love the way your car or truck drivers. Call today!

• Oil changes

• Battery installation

• Timing belts and chains

• Water pumps

• Engine replacement-used or remanufactured

• Starters and more

Repairs great and small

Don't let the expense scare you off

We pride ourselves on fair and competitive pricing and we accept most forms of insurance. Other shops may promise a lower price, but they won't give you better value.

Since we opened our doors in 1959 we've serviced just about every kind of car on the road and as cars have changed so have we. If it drives, or is supposed to, than we can fix it.

Clunkers to sports cars

From oil changes to clutch replacement get the best rates when you call today.


Don't skimp on auto maintenance. Skilled service will extend the live of your car or truck for years and save you money in the process.

Have your car serviced at Bernie's Garage & Body Shop Inc. where service is a family tradition.

A mechanic installing the battery Car engine Engine auto maint