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Keep your car riding smooth

Do you feel every bump and divot in the road? Is your car creaking, groaning or making other troubling noises? Bring it in to Bernie's Garage & Body Shop Inc. for the best service in town at competitive prices.


We'll service every part of your vehicle, from front and rear suspensions to strut mounts and more. We want you to have complete confidence in our work.

• Struts and strut mounts

• Tie rods

• Sway arms and control bars

• Stabilizer links

• Front and rear suspension

Complete suspension service

Preserve your suspension

Proper tire rotation and alignment can help prevent unnecessary strain from being put on your suspension, making it last longer and saving you money. Get your tires checked today!

Get out of the shop and back on the road when you trust Bernie's Garage & Body Shop with all of your repair needs. Bring your car in today for a complete check-up and we'll tell you what's causing any strange noises.

Timely repair services

Call today for reasonable rates on all exploratory and diagnostic work.


Don't take your car anywhere else until you've heard a quote from us. Our prices are some of the lowest in the region.

Have confidence in your car. Get your repairs from Bernie's Garage & Body Shop.